Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Upgrade to MIUI 9 from Unofficial MIUI 8 – 3

Now we are on the last part of step-by-step upgrade to MIUI 9 by flashing of Redmi Note 4 under Windows 10 32-bit. Installing driver shown in previous chapter seems easy, but if the driver is not correct, the last part described here will not work. Please ensure all the requirement and driver are available before starting flashing. Disclaimer: Do flashing at your own risk. I did flashing because I need it and ready to accept the risk. Risk including here (but not limited to): Bootloop, Bricked, and Hard Bricked. A failed process usually can be mitigated by repeating the process. If the problem persists, go to a professional service station.

Upgrade to MIUI step by step procedure:

  1. Extract the ROM file (with .TGZ extension) to our desired folder. We will get .TAR extension. Cut the file to previous folder and extract again. After that, cut all the files inside the extracted folder to previous folder. We can delete .TAR file. We need to put the files in the first created folder to avoid long file name (including its folder name) which may be a problem in 32-bit environment.
  2. Extract Cust-global.rar to our desired folder. Copy img file to extracted ROM folder and replace existing Cust.img file. This file is necessary to avoid ERROR: STATUS_SEC_IMG_TOO_LARGE (0xC0020005) as following:
  3. Extract files: SP+Flash+Tools+&+Drivers+for+Nikel_by+MrRaines.rar to your desired folder.
  4. Open exe
  5. Click “Download Agent” button and choose bin
  6. Click “Scatter-loading” button and choose txt. The file is in extracted ROM folder, specifically in “images” folder.
  1. Select all options in the table that appears in the application. Compared to some tutorial, we need to select all the options when we update from ROM to official ROM. Some tutorial mentions to not select “Preloader”.
  2. Turn off your cellphone. Connect one end of USB cable (either to the phone or to the computer).
  3. Click “Download” button in the application. Then, press (-) volume button and hold it. Connect the cellphone to computer via USB cable. Hold it until “Chip info” appears on the left side (below the cellphone picture) or progress bar at the bottom part turn into yellow.
  1. If ERROR: STATUS_DA_EXCEED_MAX_NUM (0XC0070005) appears, repeat process number 9 but without holding volume button. Just plug-in the USB cable. We encounter this error during the process.
  2. Wait until the process is finished and “Download Ok” dialog box appear.
  3. Unplug the cable and turn on the cellphone. Wait until it boots. It will take 5 to 15 minutes.

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