Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Upgrade to MIUI 9 from Unofficial MIUI 8 – 2

As mentioned in previous post of upgrade to MIUI 9, we need several preparation such as suppoting files and tools. After we get all the necessary files and tools, we need to prepare PC/Laptop. Particularly, preparing the driver, SP Flash Tools, and the ROM. This method is working for Windows 10 32-bit only. Please refer to link that I mentioned in the previous article.

Installing Mediatek VCOM drivers:

1. Disable Windows 10’s “Driver Signature Enforcement”.

Before installing the driver, we need to disable “driver signature enforcement”

  • Go to “Start” ⇒ “Settings”.
  • Choose “Update & Security”.
  • Go to “Recovery”.
  • Under “Advanced Startup”, choose “Restart Now”.
  • When restarting done, choose “Troubleshoot”, then click “Advanced options”.
  • After that, choose “Startup Settings” and click “Restart” on the next page.
  • Find item number 7 and choose it (press 7 on your keyboard) to disable driver signature enforcement. Windows will be started, and we can install the driver. The enforcement will be back once we restart the Windows.

2. Driver Installation from the first source.

After disabling the “driver signature enforcement”, we can start installing the driver.

  • Extract files: SP+Flash+Tools+&+Drivers+for+Nikel_by+MrRaines.rar to your desired folder.
  • The original tutorial asked to install from “MTK_Driver_Installer_.1352 ext” folder. Unfortunately, it did not work for Windows 10 32 bit.
  • Go to “Driver_Auto_Installer_.1612” folder and double click “DriverInstall.exe”.
  • Click “Yes” if User Account Control asks for permission.
  • Follow setup procedure until finish.
  • If Windows asks for permission to install unsigned driver, click “Yes

3. Install driver from the second source.

Then, we also need second driver to be installed.

  • Extract files: Windows+10_MTK+VCOM+USB+Preloader+Drivers.zip to your desired folder.
  • Right click on “Start” / “Windows” button. Click “Device Manager
  • Inside “Device Manager”, choose the computer name. Right click on it, and choose “Add Legacy Hardware

  • In the dialog box, click “Next” and select “Install hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)”.
  • Choose “Show All Devices” and click “Next
  • Click “Have Disk” and locate the driver in the extracted folder. Select “x86” for 32-bit driver. Click “Open” and then click “OK
  • There are five drivers need to be installed:
    • MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port
    • MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM Port
    • MTK USB Debug Port
    • MTK USB Modem Port
    • MTK USB Port

Select the first one and click “Next” to install.

  • Before continuing install the rest of drivers, we need to remove the newly installed driver. We only need to remove the register. Do not delete the software for this device. Go to “Device Manager”, choose newly installed driver. Right click on it, click “Uninstall”. It will ask for removal confirmation. Do not tick “Delete the driver software for this device”. Click “OK” when all set.

Driver installation is finished. Once this step of upgrade to MIUI 9 finished, we can continue to the next chapter.

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