After we get the correct tire, we can continue the bicycle tire replacement step from previous article as following:

1. Optional Step: Protecting Inner Tube from Rim Surface.

We can cover the inner part of the rim with a replaced-inner tube that has been modified to prevent the new inner tube cut by spoke nipples. Put the old inner tube on the rim. Cut it along rim boundary circularly (both side). After that, cut to fit the length. Spare some space to keep valve stem hole uncovered. No need to apply glue if we can cut the inner tube perfectly fit the rim as shown below.

2. Setting New Tire

Now, we can set new bicycle tire on the rim. We need the same tool used to remove the tire from the rim.

  • Slide the tire onto the rim.
  • Insert inner tube inside the tire. Start from valve stem inserted to the rim’s hole.
  • Pry the tire onto the rim using the tools so the tire is perfectly set.

3. Inflate the Bicycle Tire.

Inflate the inner tube up to the specified rating of the bicycle tire. In our case, the tire manufacturer advises inflating up to 36 psi.

4. Additional Maintenance.

Before assembling the wheel to the bicycle, we also did simple maintenance of wheel bearing by applying some grease.

5. Wheel Assembly.

Now we continue to assemble the wheel. Slide the wheel axes into the fork.

6. Setting the Chain.

Then we can set the chain onto the gear. Then we can tighten the nut on both sides. Ensure that the wheel is aligned straight and adjust the position so that it won’t scrub another part. Remember that some design only left small space for adjustment.

7. Drum Brake Assembly.

Set the drum brake unit into its original place and attach the cable. Adjust the brake tightness so the wheel can rotate freely.

8. Testing.

Now test the wheel by rotating the wheel. It shall rotate freely without any friction.

Everyone is happy, and the bicycle is ready to run. It is worthy to spend 2 hours replacing bicycle tire by ourselves.

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