If we have a kid that loves to ride a bicycle, we will experience times that the bicycle needs to be fixed. Kids always drive their bicycle to the max, they don’t care about rough terrain, mud, sand, etc. When the tire is old, surely, the tire will blow. In this case, replacing the bicycle tire is necessary to bring our kid happiness. To replace the tire, we can follow the following step based on our experience. We use common tools to do the job. But for taking out the tire from the rim, we use an old handle of water valve made of stainless steel. Of course, having correct tool will ensure tire replacement is a trouble-free task. But, if not, a valve handle might be a useful tool to help our job (use it carefully).

Steps to replace kid’s bicycle tire:

1. Identify tire size and obtain new replacement (tire and inner tube).

Tire size is printed on the sidewall of the tire. Having different size may put you into trouble when re-assemble the wheel. For the inner tube, we can ask the shop to provide us size that matches with the tire. But if we want to be sure, then we need to disassemble the tire first.

2. Then, we need to remove the wheel from the bicycle frame.
  • Use wrenches to remove nuts from wheel axes, in our case we use number 15. And remove the helper wheel. Do it on both sides.
  • Again, use wrenches (in our case, we use number 16) to remove nuts holding the wheel. Do it on both sides.
  • Disassemble the brake unit, particularly for drum brake type. Start with removing bolts and nuts that holding brake cable and the drum assembly.
  • Remove chain from the gear to have the wheel completely removed.
3. After the wheel detached, we can start to remove the bicycle tire from its rim.
  • In our case, we used valve handle to get the bicycle tire out of the rim. We can start from any side, pry at that point. And continuously prying until the tire is removed.

  • Pull out the inner tube carefully. We may re-use the inner tube to protect the new inner tube from spoke nipple.
  • Remove the tire completely from the rim. We may check the spokes for any loosened part. Tighten it as necessary.

As mentioned in the first item, to avoid mistake, it is better to disassemble the wheel first, get the exact size of the tire and inner tube. Then, we go to the shop to buy the new bicycle tire and inner tube. We can continue to the next article after we get the correct tire. 

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