Finally, I can go to Boston. One of the cities that have a lot of story from early settlement in The Dream Land. After 2 hours driving from Windsor Locks, I finally arrived in Boston. I intentionally parked the car around Boston Fish Pier. Why? I want to walk around and pass Fort Point Channel where Boston Tea Party Museum placed. Unfortunately, I came too early, the museum was still closed. Indeed, you will see Samuel Adam’s statue in front of the museum. I also can see some of their collection through the front windows. One of their collection is a gun used in the battle of Lexington (1775). The battle itself was an aftermath following Boston Tea Party.

Apart from their collection, I also see “Eleanor” and “Beaver” harbored on the side of the museum. Those ships were authentically restored to give visitor same feeling when Boston Tea Party occurred. Here, you can have some activities such as “Destruction of the Tea” which you will have experience of throwing tea chest replica to water.

Since I cannot enter the museum, I am surrounding the museum to take some pictures. To me, Boston has great way to attract people with its historical asset. You can have information of historical attraction directly in front of this museum. I also find some historical event information around harbor walk near Boston Tea Party Museum. I can read about “Building Boom” and “The Great Fire” during my walk toward Urban Arboretum. The walkway itself is pleasant. I enjoy the view and the cleanliness.

After reaching Urban Arboretum, I continue with my plan to go to Boston Common. This time, I got little difficulty, I lost my direction while in between of old building.  But, after some stop to check GPS, I can manage to reach Boston Common (good thing that we have GPS on our smartphone). Let see the next adventure!

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