When someone own car, many avoid having a regular task of cleaning their own car. It seems simple, but many know that it is a time-consuming activity. Some try to reduce the hassle by bringing their car to car wash service. But, with all increasing cost nowadays, it might be cheaper to do the cleaning by ourselves. Especially when you need to clean the interior. Part of the interior that almost forgotten by many people, including some cleaning service is the seat belt. Yes, it is rarely seen dirty, as the color is usually black. Thus, it was almost forgotten. Cleaning seat belt might be simple. But, don’t forget, it is black. Thus, determining cleanliness might be difficult. Seat belt that is difficult to be pulled or difficult to return is one of the symptoms that appear when a seat belt is dirty.

You can clean the seat belt by the following procedure:

The first step, prepare clean water in a small container, mix with neutral soap or detergent. Then use wet clothes or sponge to wipe the belt. Do it from the top side to the bottom. This step is required to remove dust and light dirt. Wiping from top to bottom will ensure that the dirt will not spread to eye-catching area. After that, immerse the clothes or sponge to soap water and wipe the seat belt with it. Do it carefully to avoid wetting the interior. Pull the seat belt and wipe it thoroughly until the clothes or sponge does not show any dirt. One of indication that the seat belt has been cleaned is the belt can be pulled and return easily. The other indication is shiny color. Repeat the step for the rest of seat belt. It is advised to clean the seat belt regularly at least every six months. If you often go to dusty area or having a convertible car, then more frequent cleaning is expected.

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