In every modern car or motorcycle, one of the most important parts is a battery or accumulator. In the past, car or motorcycles does not use a battery. However, with all of electronics control, sensors, and accessories available today, a battery is a necessity. Moreover, you do not want to crank your car to start it up, right? We do not want to go back to the era before 1920’s. That is why the electric starter is invented. There are several types of automotive battery nowadays. Despite many technologies used nowadays, all the battery is still used centuries Galvanic Cell concept. The type is ranging from simple lead-acid battery, maintenance free, and sealed. For maintenance free and sealed battery, as indicative, it is not required for maintain as we cannot do anything to the battery. Refilling the battery is not required. And, an indicator is usually available as a built-in feature. Only regular recharge is necessary and avoids over discharge and over recharge for this kind of battery.

But, what if we use wet, unsealed lead-acid battery? Although it is rare to have this kind of battery in States, you might still encounter this kind of battery when you go to other countries. Especially if you use a low-cost vehicle such as motorcycle where the use of the ordinary lead-acid battery is common to reduce cost. Apart from regular charging and avoiding over discharge and over recharge, regular checking of its electrolyte shall be done. Most battery manufacturers give a simple indication of normal electrolyte liquid level. Thus, it is easy to ensure that the battery has sufficient level of electrolyte.

Once the liquid level reaches its minimum, add distilled water designed for lead-acid battery maintenance purpose. It is not necessary to add Sulfuric Acid because doing so might increase the specific gravity and in turn, can destroy the electrode. But, if you have a hydrometer for measuring the specific gravity of the electrolyte, you might add Sulfuric Acid as necessary. While doing all this step, please be careful. An unsealed battery can lead to acid spill and splash if mishandled. Use appropriate personal protection device such as gloves, goggles, acid masker. Do it in a well-ventilated area.

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